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the patient record management system for LSU School of Dentistry

Training Videos

Faculty Resources:
Access to axiUm:

Postgraduate Residents
Workflow for Postgrad clinic
Approving UG students

Rolodex/Patient Card
Finding/Opening A Patient Record
Attaching Sticky Notes
Contact Notes in the Patient Card
axiUm Messages-Messenger

Attachments Module
Consents- Adding and Signing
Scanning Photos into a Patient Record
Viewing Photos in Patient Record
Attachment Sections- where to scan it

Scheduler Module

Scheduling Patients

Evaluations Module/Grades
Adding/Editing Grade Forms
Evaluations Module
Pediatric Knee to Knee Exam

Electronic Health Record
Medical Information Requests
Suspending Forms
Perio Charting
Comp Oral Exam Form Guide

Adding Attendance Credits (D1)

Clinical/Tx Notes in the EHR
Print Estimate
Exit Exams
Tx Plans tab
Chart Add TabAdd Record
Charting Findings
Planning Treatment
Completing & Approving Treatment
Adding Supernumerary Teeth

Student Resources
Personal Planner personal
Production reports, Appts, Patient List CBCT Scan Protocol

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