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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

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Note: Comprehensive care shall be defined as providing the patient with all services necessary to restore the patient to a state of optimum oral health. This shall be done in a patient centered manner; at no time will the best interest of the patient be compromised in order to provide a necessary experience for a student. Patient centered also means the patient shall be the final determinate as to what treatment they wish to receive and to what level of optimum health they desire. The supervising faculty is responsible to ensure that the patient has had their options explained to them. The LSUSD will not perform any service requested by a patient which would not meet the profession’s standard of care.

If accepted as a patient, the LSU School of Dentistry extends to you the right to:

  • Access to complete and current information about your dental treatment.

  • Information about the type of treatment recommended, the benefits of that treatment, and the risks involved with the treatment. If alternate methods of care are available, information of those alternative treatment methods and their associated benefits and risks.

  • Treatment that meets the standard of care in the profession.

  • Knowledge of each treatment procedure and the cost of that procedure before it is begun.

  • Treatment provided with respect, consideration, and confidentiality.

  • Refuse treatment and an explanation of the risk involved if the treatment is not done.

  • Confidentiality about their medical or dental health and information contained in their patient record.

  • Access to care for emergency situations.

  • Continuity and completion of treatment.

  • Access to a patient care coordinator

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