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Division of Operative Dentistry
Department of Comprehensive Dentistry

F. Thomas Giacona
Head, Division of Operative Dentistry
Assistant Professor

LSUHSC School of Dentistry
Department of Comprehensive Dentistry & Biomaterials
1100 Florida Ave., Box 137
New Orleans, LA 70119
Tel:  504-941-8257 (Office)
Fax:  504-941-8265
E-mail:  fgiaco@lsuhsc.edu

Operative Dentistry is the branch of dentistry that treats caries and other defects found in the dentition. We are concerned not only with repairing the defects caused by this disease but also preventing the disease. To accomplish this goal, students must have an understanding of the caries process and the environment affecting its progress. Not only do we instill knowledge of this condition, but we are also responsible for treating the defects created by this disease. We have three goals. First, we want to remove the infected or carious tooth material, or defect, in the tooth. Second, we want to build the tooth back into function. Third, we would like the tooth to be restored to its original condition as if no treatment had been performed.

Our division is the first to instruct dental students in the development of hand skills needed to perform delicate procedures. In our first course, students are taught the basic principles of cavity design and restoration techniques to prepare them for clinical comprehensive dentistry. Students learn procedures necessary to restore teeth with amalgam, cast gold, composite resins and porcelain. Current bonding systems and adhesive dentistry skills are developed. The students use both extracted and plastic teeth to learn these skills. The preclinical laboratory portions of our program are taught in our simulation clinic, which provides the student with a clinical setting so they will know what to expect in the patient clinic.

In the second year, students are introduced to treating real patients with minor- to moderate-sized lesions. They use amalgam and composite resins as treatment materials during this year. Students are introduced to more difficult skills during their third year. We strive to stay ahead with new technology such as CAD/CAM techniques to produce porcelain restorations, diode lasers for managing tissue retraction for certain procedures, and new restorative materials as they are developed.

Our faculty members, who bring all their experiences from varied backgrounds, contribute to the development of well-educated and up-to-date dentists rather than just technicians. Their knowledge in various aspects of dentistry helps relate the discipline of operative dentistry to all areas of dentistry.

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