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Department of Diagnostic Sciences

Kitrina Cordell, DDS, MS
Head, Department of Diagnostic Sciences

LSUHSC School of Dentistry
Department of Diagnostic Sciences
Box 144
1100 Florida Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70119
Phone:  504-941-8449
Email:  kcorde@lsuhsc.edu

The Department of Diagnostic Sciences serves the people and dental profession of the state of Louisiana and surrounding areas by providing teaching, scholarly activity, and patient care through the diagnosis and management of disorders and abnormalities of the oral and maxillofacial region. Students learn to generate a differential oral diagnosis, develop logical treatment plan alternatives based on the patient's health and needs, and adhere to proper infection control techniques. All faculty members actively participate in clinic consults throughout the school.

Faculty are also devoted to teaching management of medically-compromised patients in the aging population and teaching students to achieve proficiency in obtaining and evaluating a pertinent medical and dental history. Students also learn proper techniques for performing a thorough head-and-neck and oral examination, and diagnosis and management of oral lesions and craniofacial pain.

Instruction in selecting, exposing, and interpreting intraoral and extraoral x-ray images is provided to students and residents as well as providing certification in digital and conventional radiology for dental assistants. The division serves other departments and the public by providing Conebeam CT scans, extraoral and intraoral images, continuing education courses, and consultation services.

As a component of the Infectious Disease Clinic of the Interim LSU Public Hospital, the multidisciplinary HIV Outpatient Program (HOP) Dental Clinic is committed to providing early intervention and comprehensive health care to people living with HIV and AIDS, who are more susceptible to aggressive dental diseases, severe oral lesions, and decay. The HOP Clinic is part of the Delta Region AIDS Education and Training Center, a part of a nationwide network providing HIV/AIDS training to all health care providers.

The program in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology promotes the highest standards in education, research, and practice of its specialty. It is uniquely situated in the curriculum between the basic and clinical sciences and provides didactic instruction to dental students, dental hygiene students, postgraduate students and residents. The Oral Pathology Biopsy Service offers support to the dental school clinics, dental profession, and public by processing and interpreting over 2,000 oral biopsies each year.

All faculty members actively participate in clinic consultations throughout the school and to outside dental professionals. They also teach in continuing education courses. The faculty provides interdisciplinary consultation and education to medical residents, faculty, and pathologists. Additionally, the division's forensic odontology services aid law enforcement in the identification of human remains.

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