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Application Tips for the Program in Dental Hygiene

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Send all information to prevent delay of your application. Applications are open on November 1st.
If you are enrolled in college during the fall semester, do not send your transcript to ADEA DHCAS until the fall semester final grades are posted.

In addition to your DHCAS online application, other materials must be sent directly to us in order to complete your application. Please forward the following items at your earliest convenience:

  1. $50.00 check or money-order. (Non-refundable application fee)
  2. Resident Verification form.
  3. Passport sized photo attached to the Resident Verification form.
  4. Copy of your current Draft Card status (males only) you can print a copy off the internet at www.sss.gov.
  5. Official ACT scores must be submitted to our office from ACT. It is the students responsibility to contact the ACT Office at 319-337-1313 for permission to release scores to LSUHSC. The ACT School Code is 1601. No photocopies accepted.

Students may apply for the Dental Hygiene program before completing all classes.  However, all required courses must be completed by May for the Dental Hygiene class starting in August.

Call, write or email if you have questions.
If you have unanswered questions about the application process or need to check on whether your application is complete, contact us.

Local: (504) 941-8124

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