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Where Should I Direct my Gift?

Dean's Fund: Flexibility to invest in the highest priorities of the school as identified by the Dean in collaboration with the students, faculty and staff.

Academic Fund: Curriculum enhancement programs, scholarly presentations by outside visiting professors and educators, and technology upgrades to strengthen academic programs.

Building Fund: Facility upgrades to enhance student education and campus life, i.e., lecture rooms, laboratories, clinic upgrades, and ground improvements. The renovation of the preclinical simulation laboratories is our most pressing need currently. To view naming opportunities click here. To view or print a pledge agreement click here.

Student Fund: Student travel grants to attend educational programs outside the classroom or to present research at national meetings. Both strengthen critical thinking skills, in addition to exposing students to research and academic careers.

Christy Lottinger, Zachary Bulmanski, and Katie Evans were able to attend the AADR to present their research due to the generous donations of our alumni and friends.

Diversity Fund: Provides funding for the annual summer enrichment program. The program aims to increase the number of minority and economically disadvantaged students applying and being accepted into LSUSD. The ultimate goal is to increase the number of minority dental practitioners in Louisiana.

Library Fund: Purchase journals and books for the library collection to help faculty, students, and the dental community stay up-to-date in dentistry.

Scholarship Fund: Awards scholarships to dental, dental hygiene, or dental laboratory technology students based on need or academics.

Faculty Fund: Faculty education programs to enhance teaching skills and provide updates on the latest trends in dental education.

Outreach Fund: Student and faculty community outreach programs to help reduce oral health disparities in the Greater New Orleans Region.

Professorships and Chairs: Endowments to recruit and retain superior faculty whose research, teaching, or public service contribute to educational excellence. To learn more, click here.

Two Types of Gifts

Non-Endowed: Expendable donations to benefit departments, programs, or other targeted areas such as academics, students, or facility enhancements.

Endowed: The principal is never spent and annual interest supports what the donor has intended. Examples include chairs, professorships, student enhancement, scholarships, and research. Endowments are often created to establish a legacy for a graduate, company, or organization. The minimum gift is $10,000. Planned gifts are often used to create endowments.

To learn more, review the website or contact the Office of Alumni Relations.

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