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Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts often reflect corporate interests and values. It serves to enhance a company's reputation with students, faculty, and administration. More and more, companies are aligning giving with business goals, partnering with higher education to develop new technologies and to build solid bridges with academic institutions and with students prior to graduation. The LSU School of Dentistry will work with your company to ensure that your giving supports your strategic business goals while assisting our school to meet its mission of education, research and patient care.

Gifts from corporations take many forms, often depending on the company's interests and the school's needs. Some companies give cash, while others make gifts of equipment or products.

Corporate Gift Examples:

  • Endowed chairs or professorships
  • Student enrichment programs
  • Lecture sponsorships to bring the experiences of practitioners into the classroom
  • Product or equipment donations
  • Facility upgrades
  • Matching funds for employees, retirees, and directors
  • Student or faculty travel grants to expand learning outside of the classroom
  • Unrestricted funds for deans and department chairs
  • Research support in the form of cash, equipment, or fellowships

Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations to learn more.

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