Dr. Shawky Mohamed Retires

Shawky E. Mohamed, BDS, DDS, M.S., M.Ed.
The Brasseler USA Professor of Prosthodontics
Director of the TMJ Clinic

The standing-room-only crowd was full of happy anticipation on the afternoon of September 25th. The occasion was the retirement party of Dr. Shawky Mohamed. When he stepped into the breezeway, the large group parted in the middle "like the opening of the Red Sea," said Dr. Henry Gremillion. Everyone laughed. Everyone needed a way to begin to express their fond feelings for a remarkable educator who for 30 years gave so much to the LSU School of Dentistry that he came to define the school.

Dr. Mohamed is a native of Cairo, Egypt, where he began his stellar academic career. In 1961, he received a bachelor of dental surgery with honors from the University of Cairo. He then came to America to attend the University of Missouri at Kansas City where he received a certificate and masterís degree in fixed prosthodontics. He continued his studies at the University of Iowa where he received his DDS in 1970. He came to LSUSD in 1979 with an appointment in the Department of Prosthodontics as associate professor. Three years later he was appointed full professor. In 2001, he was given the high honor of being named the Brasseler USA Professor of Prosthodontics.

Since coming to LSUSD, "Dr. Mohamed has enriched the professional lives of over 4,000 students who have learned to respect and love him," said Dr. Arturo Mendez, chairman of the Department of Prosthodontics. "I have never met a teacher more dedicated and enthusiastic, with such a strong passion for dentistry and dental education."

That opinion is echoed in his current students. "It was an honor to be taught by such a knowledgeable teacher," said fourth-year student Morgan Trahant. "His charisma in the classroom was unique. He took the time to explain tough material, go over details when we were confused, and he truly cared about our well being." "Dr. Mo" touched the lives of the students in personal ways:  making sure he knew their names at the beginning of the semester, using his personal funds to buy coffee for the students during finals and driving hours to attend the funeral of a student's mother.

"When I've attended different dental conferences around the nation, I have been amazed to learn how many people knew of Dr. Mohamed and could tell you stories of how he touched their lives," Trahant continued.

"Dr. Mohamed embodies all of the characteristics that are associated with a true educator," said Dr. Gremillion. "His dedication and loyalty to LSUSD have left an indelible mark on the school and an imprint of quality care and caring on the hearts of all with whom he interacted. His spirit will forever be a part of the fabric of the School of Dentistry."

Taken together, these words paint the vivid portrait of a one-of-a kind teacher. This is why it is our great honor today to present Dr. Shawky Mohamed with the first-ever Distinguished Faculty Award.


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