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Research Strengthens Education

LSUSD provides many opportunities for students and residents to participate in scientific research. Research experience, with the support of faculty mentors, allows students to better understand scientific publications, contribute to dental knowledge, and improve critical thinking skills. The school holds two events each year to highlight student and resident research activities.

Dental Student Research
In March nine dental students exhibited their research posters at the the International Association of Dental Research (IADR) in Boston and at the school’s annual poster competition. Congratulations to Diana Bozner, Lindsey Richard, Elizabeth Clay, Heather Badeaux, Randy Roth, Stephen Sherman, Jenny Herman, Kyle Maldonado, and Adam Berthelot for their research efforts.

Students of the three winning posters will present their research at the following national meetings in the fall: Jenny Herman, “Antifungal properties of experimental antimicrobial compounds and denture resins,” ADA/Dentsply Student Clinician Research Program, Washington, D.C.; Lindsey Richard, “Cytotoxicity of electronic cigarettes on oral cells,” ADA Foundation Colgate Dental Students’ Conference on Research, Gaithersburg, Maryland; and Kyle Maldonado, “Mechanical and physical properties of experimental antifungal denture base resins,” The Hinman Research Symposium, Memphis, Tennessee.

l-r, Lindsey Richard, Kyle Maldonado, and Jenny Herman

Resident Research
In May eighteen residents presented their research to fellow residents and faculty members at the annual Research Day. Two Honors in Research dental students, Kyle Maldonado, D2, and Jenny Herman, D3, also discussed their research findings. The research posters presented at the IADR were also displayed during the day-long event.

Dr. Paul Fidel, associate dean of research, recognized three faculty members who were awarded new grants this year: Mairi Noverr, PhD, NIH-NIAID R01, “Host and microbial factors promoting synergistic mortality during polymicrobial intra-abdominal infections with Candida albicans and Staphylococcus aureus,” five years, $1,824,908; Brian Peters, PhD, NIH-NIAID K22, “A novel role for the inflammasome in the immunopathogenesis of Candida vaginitis,” two years, $270,000; and Xiaoming Xu, PhD, LA-LIFT, “Antimicrobial thermoplastic polyurethanes,” one year, $42,753.

l-r, Drs. Brian Peters, Mairi Noverr, and Xiaoming Xu

Advanced Education Grand Rounds

Twice a year residents in all seven of the LSUSD advanced education programs present challenging cases in a grand rounds format. The event offers residents the opportunity to learn about difficult cases treated by clinicians in other specialties. At the spring 2015 program, Kenneth E. Rhea, MD, medical risk management consultant for LAMMICO, presented the keynote address, “Beyond the Office Visit: Managing New Modes of Doctor-Patient Communication.”

After each presentation, a panel of residents addressed questions to the speakers. Panel members were Drs. Greg Zilinski, Cara Weldon, Puneet Wadhwa, David Wilson, Pornpavee “Liz” Panichkul, David Carter, and Arshad Kaleem.

Dr. Eric Hovland, director of advanced education, coordinated the program with Drs. Austin McMurphy and Arshad Kaleem, resident members of the Advanced Education Committee.

l-r, Drs. Eric Hovland, Austin McMurphy, and Arshad Kaleem


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