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A Growing Pre-Dent 101

Coordinated by Dr. Toby Cheramie, assistant dean of admissions, with support from Ms. Carrie Mason, director of the dental hygiene program, the 5th annual Pre-Dent 101 was held on January 31. The event, sponsored jointly by the LSU Pre-Dental Society and LSUSD, drew 250 pre-dental students and 50 pre-dental hygiene students, the largest attendance in its history.

Students attended workshops taught by LSUSD faculty members and a discussion by a panel of current students. Although the majority of students came from Louisiana, attendees also came from Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Alabama, and Illinois. The success of the program demonstrates the continuing interest in the oral health professions and especially in LSUSD.

(l-r): Back: Mr. Bowen (LSU advisor), Abby Earles, Will Cavell, Landon Broussard Front: Ms. Mason, Mary Cait Strong, Colleen Kimball, Richard Banthia, Kaylee Roussel, Erin Wilbanks, Dr. Cheramie

Give Kids A Smile Day

On January 30, over 200 dental, dental hygiene, and pre-dental students volunteered with LSUSD faculty and staff for the 7th annual Give Kids A Smile Day. Close to 100 children from grades 3rd through 5th at Medard H. Nelson and Gentilly Terrace Charter schools participated in the program. The children received a dental screening, a prophy, and fluoride treatment; dental hygienists and hygiene students discussed oral hygiene tips and healthy food choices.

NFL Play 60 also participated to promote 60 minutes of play each day to maintain overall health. Members of the New Orleans Saints conducted football drills with the children.

Screening results were sent to all parents and the LSU Department of Pediatric Dentistry contacted parents of children requiring follow-up care.

Matthew Leftwich (l) and John Lewis with Dr. Tommy Giacona and the Amazing Spiderman

Class Reunions: A Time to Celebrate and Give Back

LSUSD class reunion celebrations have been a tradition for over two decades. Typically held in conjunction with the NODA/LDA annual sessions, the events are planned by volunteer coordinators with the support of the school’s alumni relations office. It’s a great time to reconnect with classmates, enjoy the city, and participate in continuing education. In 2014 reunions were held at venues throughout the downtown area ranging from casual to elegant.

Reunion celebrations also offer an opportunity for alumni to give back to their alma mater. Last year the DDS classes of 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004, and 2009 contributed $212,845 in support of the school. Collectively—for all seven classes—21.6% of DDS alumni contributed to the campaign.

Special recognition goes to the DDS Class of 1979 for the highest amount raised and the highest participation rate: $79,225 and 30 percent respectively.
Private gifts are vitally important today due to the tremendous reduction in state support. Rebuilding the campus, optimizing clinic operations, and strengthening our educational mission are our key priorities. Much has been accomplished in recent years due to the generosity of our private contributors.


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