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COVID-19 Admissions Application Updates

  • The general dentistry shadowing hours requirement has been reduced from 50 to 25 (minimum), but we recommend increasing your community service hours if those can be done safely. Applicants to LSU are free to virtually shadow and add that information to their AADSAS applications, but we still require a minimum of 25 hours of in-person shadowing (3-4 different general dentistry offices) in addition to any virtual shadowing that is done.

  • LSU Health New Orleans School of Dentistry is recommending applicants choose to receive a letter grade rather than a P/F grade when given the option, particularly for courses that are considered pre-requisites.

  • DAT scores and Letters of Evaluation are the two components of your application you may update until the deadline. Do not wait until you receive your DAT scores to apply as this will delay the verification of your application. To save time, you should email the admissions office with your DAT scores on the day you take the exam while waiting for verification in AADSAS.

  • Interviews this year will be taking place virtually/online. That interview log-in information will be included in your interview invitation, should your application trigger one.
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