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What are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are research studies that involve volunteers to answer specific health questions. Such studies are the final step in a long development process. Most of today's treatments are the result of past clinical trials.

Promising new approaches to health issues (novel diagnostics, drugs, materials and techniques) are constantly being developed and tested to enhance our oral health. The ultimate proof of a new diagnostic test, material or treatment modality takes place in a clinical trial.

Once developed, new methods and materials need to be effectively evaluated in clinical trials. Clinical trials provide the comparative evidence of their true-life improvement over existing treatments. Clinical trials are key to good healthcare. Trials are done to answer specific scientific questions and to advance medical knowledge. Through clinical trials researchers can determine whether new treatments are safe, effective and potentially work better than current treatments. That is the way to measure improvement in therapy and how progress in healthcare is made. Only clinical trials deliver the evidence that supports our decision-making in contemporary practice of evidence-based oral health care.


Advanced Clinical Care and Research building

The Dental School's "Annex" building accommodates a state-of-the-art Clinical Research Facility. This facility provides a major impetus to jumpstart new initiatives in the Dental School focused on clinical and translational oral health research. Recently, several dental school faculty have started investigational clinical research studies.

Some of the clinical research is sponsored by the NIH, others by Industry or Private Foundations. Clinical research studies and trials give the research experts new information about how to treat and prevent diseases. By offering clinical trials, LSUHSC School of Dentistry is able to provide optimal care and treatment choices for our patients and the community.

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