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Extending Our Reach

LSUHSC School of Dentistry (LSUSD) alumni are an integral part of our community. Their input, support, and experiences assist the school leadership and faculty in enhancing dental education for existing and future students. Connecting and communicating with our alumni is a high priority and is accomplished in a variety of ways. For instance, the regularly distributed LSUSD ENews provides school updates to our varied constituents. Also, Dean Henry Gremillion speaks annually at Louisiana Dental Association (LDA) district meetings to update members on current activities and trends in dental education; alumni participate on school academic committees or serve as part-time and gratis faculty members; and receptions are held at various locations to strengthen relationships and encourage dialogue.

From left, recent graduates at Hinman Meeting, Drs. Lacey Andreotta, Erica Simon, Adam Quartano, and Spencer Gordy, with 1994 graduate Dr. Troy Schulman (center)

In the spring two events were held to reconnect with alumni in other states. Dean Gremillion, four senior dental students, and two faculty members traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend the Thomas P. Hinman Dental Society Meeting and host a reception for our alumni in the area. Troy Schulman, DDS '94, served as our alumni host. In April Dr. Toby Cheramie, director of admissions, hosted a reception in conjunction with the Arkansas State Dental Association Annual Session to reconnect with our alumni in the state. In addition, Ms. Kelly Caldwell of Delta Dental of Arkansas presented the second installment of $150,000 toward the company’s generous pledge of $600,000 for the preclinical simulation laboratories renovation project.

In the coming months, Dean Gremillion will be speaking at multiple LDA district meetings to share an overview of school activities, current projects, and his strategic vision for the immediate future.

Dr. Toby Cheramie accepts a donation from Kelly Caldwell of Delta Dental

On Friday, November 1, a reception will be held in conjunction with the American Dental Association Annual Session to engage with alumni across the nation.

Although the faculty and staff are at the core of the educational process, their vision expands with the involvement of our alumni and the dental community-at-large. This ultimately strengthens dental education in Louisiana. We are grateful to everyone who contributes their time and resources to support our mission and its impact on communities around the globe.

Upcoming Events:

District Speaking Schedule for Dr. Gremillion
August 28 - Bayou District Dental Association
September 10 – Northwest Louisiana Dental Association
September 19 - Calcasieu Parish Dental Society
October 8 – Central Louisiana Dental Association
November 7 – Acadiana District Dental Association
December 18 – New Orleans Dental Association
January 7 – Northeast Louisiana Dental Association

LSUSD Alumni Reception
(in conjunction with the ADA Annual Session)
Friday, November 1, 2013
Harrah's Hotel, New Orleans
Vieux Carre Ballroom - 2nd Floor
5:00 to 7:00 p.m.
To register for the complimentary alumni reception, click here.

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