Admissions Information
Required Prerequisites

Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA



Requirement Course
English 9 credits ENGL 1001& 2000(English Composition) & a literature course of 2000 level or higher
Math 6 credits MATH 1021 (College Algebra)&
MATH 1022 (Trigonometry) -or- MATH 1029 (Contemporary Math) -or- MATH 1100 (Nature of Math)
Chemistry 6 credits CHEM 1001 & 1002 (Chemistry for Non-Science Majors)
Biology 13 credits* BIOL 1001 & 1002 (General Biology) & BIOL 1011 (Microorganisms & Man) & BIOL 2160 (Physiology), Kinesiology 2500
Speech 3 credits CMST 2060 (Public Speaking) -or- CMST 1061 (Speech Fundamentals) -or- CMST 2061 (Speech Communication for Business and the Professions)
Sociology 3 credits SOCL 2001 (Introductory Sociology)
Psychology 3 credits PSYC 2000 (Introduction to Psychology)
Computer 3 credits CSC 1100 (Computers in Society)
Fine Arts 3 credits music, dance, art or theater
Humanities 9 credits history, speech, literature, philosophy, religion, foreign language (at least 3 credits must be at or above sophomore level)
3 credits anything except P.E. (recommendations: the 2nd A&P, Nutrition, Speech classes, Psychology classes, etc.) CLST 2092 (Greek & Latin word study)

* For the biology requirement, at least 12 hours must be lecture. Because of the difficulty getting in BIOL 2160 students may need to take the 4th biology course at another school.

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