Admissions Information
Required Prerequisites

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Lafayette, LA



Requirement Course
English 9 credits ENGL 101(Intro to Academic Writing) & ENGL 102 (Writing & Research About Culture) & a literature course of 200 level or higher
Math 6 credits MATH 105 (College Algebra)&
STAT 214 (Elem Statistics)
Chemistry 6 credits CHEM 107 & 108 (General Chemistry I & II)
Biology 13 credits* BIOL 110 (Fundamentals of Biol I), BIOL 111 (Fundementals of Biol II)
& BIOL 261(Microbiology) & BIOL 220 (Survey of Human Anatomy & Physiology)
Speech 3 credits CMCN 200 (Principles of Human Communication)
Sociology 3 credits SOCI 100 (General Sociology)
SOCI 241 (Contemporary Social Problems)
Psychology 3 credits PSYC 110 (Intro to Psychology)
Computer 3 credits CMPS 300 (Computer Literacy)
Fine Arts 3 credits music, dance, art or theater
HIstory 3 credits  
Humanities 6 credits history, speech, literature, philosophy, religion, foreign language (at least 3 credits must be at or above sophomore level)
3 credits anything except P.E. classes (recommendations: Anatomy,
Nutrition, Speech classes, Psychology classes, Medical Terminology)
* For the biology requirement, at least 12 hours must be lecture.
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