To be an internationally recognized center of excellence and innovation for oral health education, known for commitment to discovery and transfer of scientific knowledge, and quality patient care.

To achieve excellence in the art and science of dentistry through teaching, research, clinical care and service through a community committed to students, faculty, staff, patients, alumni and health care professionals.

Integrity Excellence Respect Service Courage Scholarship


The faculty, staff, and students of LSU School of Dentistry respect the values of the institution and the community. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical, academic, and clinical standards. Our commitment to a supportive environment with open and positive communication assures each individual will meet their fullest potential.


We Strive to:

  • Provide service to the public through the development of ethical health care professionals who are knowledgeable, competent, service-oriented and lifelong learners.
  • Educate students through a team of dedicated, caring and highly skilled faculty and well-trained staff in an environment that promotes integrity, respect, communication, and the acquisition, dissemination and application of knowledge for exceptional patient care.
  • Pioneer a new era of health care through research discovery, critical thinking, and inter-professional education.

Portrait of a LSUSD Graduate

Graduates of LSUHSC School of Dentistry will be ethical, compassionate and competent health care professionals.  They will be motivated and active in the community.  Through good business practices and with pride and passion, they will focus on patient-centered care and lifelong learning.


Goal 1

Establish and maintain a contemporary curriculum that prepares students to be clinician scientists and health care professionals who are culturally competent and lifelong learners.

Focus: Learning


  • Identify and implement innovative and progressive curriculum models for all educational programs.
  • Maximize student/patient/faculty contact.
  • Establish interprofessional educational experiences.
  • Establish outcomes data that can be used to modify/refine the curriculum.
  • Establish an enhanced role for alumni in the curriculum.
  • Expand access to continuing education opportunities for the oral healthcare community.

Goal 2

Enhance efforts in recruitment, development and retention of outstanding faculty and staff.

Focus: Teaching


  • Draft and implement a comprehensive recruitment plan that positions LSUSD as a destination of choice.
  • Establish independent orientation sessions for new faculty and staff.
  • Maximize faculty development programs/opportunities to foster excellence in teaching, research and service.
  • Individualize development of faculty for professional advancement.
  • Reassess; reinforce/redirect responsibilities, expectations and accountability for faculty and staff based on annual review with division heads, department heads and dean.
  • Develop strategies and incentives to maximize retention of faculty and staff.

Goal 3

Foster enhanced excellence in scholarship and research to improve our foundation of evidence-based learning and comprehensive patient care.

Focus: Knowledge


  • Expand and diversify research activity through the Center of Excellence (COE).
  • Establish a plan for research equipment maintenance and repair/replacement.
  • Identify and implement new strategies to integrate basic and clinical science in the curriculum.
  • Maximize the efficiency of the processes related to grant proposal submissions through the COE.
  • Broaden the selection process for student admissions.
  • Expand the opportunities for non-traditional dental education through multiple curricular tracks.

Goal 4

Secure and maintain resources to sustain and enhance the mission.

Focus: Resources


  • Enhance/Expand sources of revenue.
  • Expand investment of existing revenue for positive returns.

Goal 5

Improve the physical environment to support the vision, mission, and goals of the strategic plan.

Focus: Environment


  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of facility operations for the campus.
  • Develop and implement a master plan to allocate space on the campus.
  • Establish a formal commitment to humanistic culture and learning environment.
  • Increase attention devoted to diversity within the school.
  • Identify and introduce innovative technologies/designs into the physical structure.
  • Develop long-range plans for campus development in conjunction with expansion of LSUHSC programs.


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