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C. Edmund Kells Society

Omicron Kappa Upsilon (OKU)
Theta Kappa Chapter

"...to promote and recognize scholarship and character among students of dentistry..."



Omicron Kappa Upsilon is a national dental honor society founded for the purpose of encouraging scholarship and advancing the ethical standards of the dental profession. Members, elected from the top 20 percent of the graduating class, show potential for professional growth and serve as examples among their peers.

The Supreme Chapter of OKU was founded in 1914 at Northwestern University School of Dentistry. Click here to read the history of OKU.

The LSUSD chapter, created in 1971, is the Theta Kappa chapter.  There are four categories of members:

Alumni Members: 
Senior students. A list containing the names of at least the upper 20% of the senior class who rank highest in scholarship for the entire period that they have been in attendance at this dental school shall be submitted by or secured from the Dean. From any on this list, a number constituting not more than 12% of the entire senior class, who, in addition to scholarship have demonstrated exemplary traits of character and potential qualities of future professional growth and attainments, may be elected to alumni membership by the active members of this component chapter.
Dentists on the dental school faculty who have been elected to membership after service as a full-time teacher for three years or a part-time teacher for six years.

Any member of the dental profession who has made outstanding contribution to the art, science, or literature of dentistry, and others not members of dental profession who have made similar contribution to the advancement of dentistry.

Active members for 30 years and having reached the age of 60. Life Members retain all privileges of Active Members while remaining a member of the dental school faculty, and are exempt from dues.

Theta Kappa Officers, 2016:
Dr. Dale Ehrlich, president
Dr. Janice Townsend, president-elect
Ms. Julie Schiavo, vice-president
Dr. Priya Ritwik, secretary-treasurer (2014-2017)
Dr. Angela Palaiologou-Gallis, past-president

New Members, 2016:
Dr. Pooja Maney
Honorary Member: Dr. Thomas Lallier
Alumni: Heather Badeaux Moylan, Diana Bozner, Vincent DiCarlo, Lindsey Richard, Randy Roth, Zachary Scogin

Scholarship Recipients:
Kramer Award (created by the Supreme Chapter in 1986)
2000: Tanya al-Talib
2001: Melanie Fowler
2002: Noelle Paige Manuel
2003: Jill Zerangue
2004: Robert Vance Costello
2005: Laura Leigh Flattmann
2006: Lauren van Bebber
2007: Elizabeth Russell
2008: Lindsey Brown
2009: Benjamin Foster
2010: Ruby Nhan
2011: Alexis Nacchio
2012: Katie Evans
2013: Matthew Davis
2014: Jefferson Twombly
2016: Hailee Rask

Randolph Malloy/OKU Scholarship for Academic Excellence:
2008:  Lindsey Brown, Jamie Toso
2009:  David Barton, Son Nguyen
2010/11:  Ruby Nhan, Joshua Parker
2011/12: Mohammed Ismail, Nicole Thieler
2012/13: Katie Evans
2013/14: Eun-Chee Lee
2016: Lindsey Richard

Robert Brannon/OKU Scholarship for Academic Excellence:
2012/13: Nickolas Maskas
2013/14: Colten Ducote
2016: Diana Bozner

Past Presidents of Theta Kappa Chapter

1971 - Fletcher Callahan 1993 - James Zinck
1972 - Jack H. Rayson 1994 - Robert P. Barsley
1973 - John R. Couglin 1995 - Luis R. Guerra
1974 - William von der Lehr 1996 - Shawky E. Mohamed
1975 - J. M. Chadha 1997 - James F. Gardiner
1976 - Ronald A. Barrett 1998 - William H. Wood
1977 - James Quinn 1999 - Dr. Diana Gardiner
1978 - Meffre Matta 2000 - Dr. James E. Cade
1979 - Peter A. Fortier 2001 - Dr. Jim Weir
1980 - Charles H. Boozer 2002 – Dr. John N. Kent
1981 - Harold Wirth 2003 - Dr. Arturo Mendez
1982 - Anthony B. Carimi 2004 - Dr. Gerald Evans
1983 - Robert C. Coker 2005 - Dr. Sandra Andrieu
1984 - Allen Crowe 2006 - Dr. Sandra Andrieu*
1985 - James D. Harrison 2007 - Dr. Chet Smith
1986 - John L. Shannon 2008 - Ms. Elizabeth Strother
1987 - Edward J. Ireland 2009 - Dr. William Garbee
1988 - Clifton O. Dummett, Jr. 2010 - Dr. Tetsuo Nakamoto
1989 - Paul P. Hatrel 2011 - Dr. Toby Cheramie
1990 - Robert Shaye 2012 - Drs. John Ritchie, Laurie Moeller
1991 - Kavas H. Thunthy 2013 - Dr. Laurie Moeller
1992 - Gary T. McDonald 2014 - Dr. Richard Ballard
*repeat due to Hurricane Katrina 2015 - Dr. Angela Palaiologou-Gallis
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