Some Kind of Wonderful

Vanessa Conerly, Jennifer Hew, Eliska Davis and Dale Montes

The event was designed to bring everyone together and it did. An estimated 200 employees, representing a wide range of roles at the dental school and health sciences center, came to the LSUSD “Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day” on Friday, May 20.

“We sure needed this,” said Kenny Guichard, head of audiovisual services, who chose to wear the same shirt he wore to the last employee appreciation event, held in 2005, shortly before Hurricane Katrina. “It’s been a long time since we had an event like this. It was a magical evening because of the people who came.”

“The LSUSD family has been through so much and yet we’ve come so far,” said Dean Henry Gremillion. “When we take time to say thank you, to show appreciation, then we recognize that we are all working together to make LSUSD a better place.” Since becoming dean in 2008, Dr. Gremillion has made teamwork development one of his top priorities.

Tricia Barker, Henry Gremillion, Liz Strother and Lisa Miles

The theme for the event, Cajun Luau, produced some colorful outfits and some hidden talents. Sandra Andrieu impressed many with her ability to keep her hula hoop airborne. Jennifer Hew, who tirelessly spends her weekends educating the special needs population of Louisiana, taught her eager co-workers how to do a Polynesian hula dance she learned in childhood. When the music revved up, Liz Strother, our normally sedate librarian, revealed a hip-shaking love for New Orleans music. Sue Smith set a new standard for colorful earrings. Dale Montes and Vanessa Conerly showed what it means to be pretty in pink. Heather Haro sang and danced her heart out to the tune of “Hula Hana.”

For hours, faculty and staff members expressed the desire to be together with line dancing, second lining, laughter and camaraderie.

Sandra Andrieu

“It was great fun with a serious message,” said Suzanne Farrar, energetic organizer of the successful event. “The message is that each and every one of us matters. We all contribute to this remarkable place, the LSU School of Dentistry.”

“It was wonderful to see so many people from throughout the school come together in fellowship and celebration,” said Dr. Gremillion.” The LSU School of Dentistry is truly a special place. We are unique in creating a family atmosphere, one that shows that we care about our work and each other.”

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