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Research Enriches Student Experience

LSUSD provides numerous opportunities for students to participate in scientific research. Research experience allows students to better understand scientific publications, contribute to the body of dental knowledge, and sharpen their critical thinking skills. Some may even pursue a career in research and academia as a result of their experience. LSUSD holds two annual events to highlight research activities among our students and residents.

Dental Student Research Poster Reception

In March six LSUSD students exhibited their research at the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) in Seattle, Washington. They later displayed their work at the dental school during a breakfast reception. Three of the six students received awards to attend a national meeting to present their research.

Predoctoral poster competition winners, from left, John Moylan, Emily Hodges, and Wesley Buchman

Wesley Buchman, D2, who gave an oral presentation at the AADR, received the Dentsply Student Clinician Research Award and will attend the annual ADA/Dentsply Student Clinician Research Program in New Orleans in November. His research, “Effect of Zn and F on Crystallization in Remineralization,” was mentored by Drs. Xiaoming Xu and Yuwei Fan.

Emily Hodges, D2, received the Hinman Student Research Award and will attend the annual Hinman Student Research Conference in Memphis, Tennessee, in October 2013. Ms. Hodges’ research, “In-vitro Wear at Composite-Enamel Interface with Mixed-Species Bacterial Biofilms,” was mentored by Drs. Tom Wen and Xiaoming Xu.

John Moylan, D3, received the ADA Student Research Award and will attend the annual ADA Dental Students’ Conference on Research in Gaithersburg, Maryland, in April 2014. His research, “Greater Sensitivity of Oral Fibroblasts to Smoked vs. Smokeless Tobacco,” was mentored by Dr. Thomas Lallier.

Anil Gupta, DDS, awardee, honors in research

Anil Gupta, D4, and Wesley Buchman, D2, were awarded with honors in research. Dr. Gupta, as 2012 winner of the ADA Student Research Award, recently attended the annual ADA Dental Students’ Conference on Research in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Advanced Education Research Day

Research Day, an annual spring event, featured oral presentations by graduating residents. Paul Fidel, PhD, Carl Baldridge professor, associate dean for research, delivered the keynote address, “State of Research at LSUSD: History and Current Challenges.” He described the obstacles faced by the center as a result of Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent recovery process.

Nineteen residents presented their research throughout the day. During the morning break, residents, fellows, faculty members, staff, and dental students displayed their research via poster presentations. Three residents won awards and were recognized at the Advanced Education graduation program on June 21. The winners were Erin Maturin, pediatric dentistry, first place; Patrick Knoell, pediatric dentistry, second place; and Ashley Lestrade, orthodontics, third place.

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