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Graduation 2013

The 42nd commencement ceremony of the LSUHSC School of Dentistry was held on May 16, 2013. This year 67 men and women received their dental degrees, 40 students received their bachelor of science in dental hygiene, and four received their associate degree in dental laboratory technology.

Among the dental graduates, 49 will be entering private practice, one will enter the U.S. Air Force and 15 will enter advanced education programs. Of those entering private practice, 42 will work in Louisiana, four in Texas, and one each in Arkansas, Mississippi and Montana. Over a third (24) of the DDS graduates have relatives in the dental profession.

Katie Evans receives the Chancellor's Award for Dentistry

All 40 graduates of the dental hygiene program are Louisiana residents who plan to enter private practice. Six of the 40 graduated from the satellite program in Lafayette and eight have relatives in the dental profession.

Amy Snyder receives the Chancellor's Award for Dental Hygiene

Among the four dental laboratory technology graduates, two are from Louisiana, one is from Bucharest, Romania, by way of New Orleans and another comes from Taipei, Taiwan, by way of Cook, Illinois. All four will remain in Louisiana.

Chi Hui Lee receives the Chancellor's Award for Dental Laboratory Technology

The graduation ceremony recognizes not only the accomplishments of students, but also the dedication and skill of all of the LSUSD faculty and staff who train and mold students into dental professionals.

At the Recognition Ceremony on the previous day, LSUSD Student Government President Adam Quartano expressed gratitude to the faculty and staff members who guided his classmates through their training. During our time here we had the amazing opportunity to learn under some great teachers. We had the extreme pleasure of being the last class taught by Dr. Shawky Mohamed and the late Dr. Robert Brannon, legends in their own right. We learned the necessary information to become doctors, but more importantly we learned how to act as young professionals. He was especially grateful to the fourth-year-class bay leaders, Drs. Dimattia, Oncale, Schmidt, Quin, Tomaszewski, Giacona, and McCormick, who took the time to nurture us, care for us, mentor us, teach us, advise us, and shape us. Without you, none of us would be sitting in this room, ready to step into the world as dentists.

In addition to student awards presented during Recognition Day, faculty members received teaching excellence awards from each of the graduating classes. Recipients of Golden Apple Awards were Susan Parker, associate professor, comprehensive dentistry and biomaterials-clinical comprehensive dentistry; Heather Allen, clinical assistant professor, comprehensive dentistry and biomaterials-program in dental hygiene; and William Rogers, clinical professor, prosthodontics-program in dental laboratory technology.

The LSUHSC Copping Award for Excellence in Teaching was presented to Dr. Kitrina Cordell, associate professor, comprehensive dentistry and biomaterials-oral and maxillofacial pathology.

Awards for first-, second-, and third-year instructors will be announced during orientation programs for the respective classes as they return to school for the 2013-2014 academic year.

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