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LSU Health Sciences Center School of Dentistry
1100 Florida Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70119
Phone 504-619-8700 (general information)



Support Services


Campus Police
LSUHSC School of Dentistry  504-941-8100 or 504-941-8027
LSU Health Sciences Center  504-568-8270


Office of the Dean  504-619-8500
Henry Gremillion, DDS, Dean
Lynn Pittman, Administrative Assistant

Academic Affairs 504-941-8111
Sandra Andrieu, PhD, Associate Dean
Director of Program in Advanced Dental Education
Manon Pavy, Coordinator of Academic Area

Clinic Administration  504-941-8110
John Gallo, DDS, MS, Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs
Terry Durel, Administrative Assistant

Research  504-941-8321
Paul Fidel, Jr., PhD, Associate Dean for Research
Angelique Smith, MBA, Business Manager,  504-941-8321

Fiscal Affairs  504-941-8114
A. J. DiVincenti, Associate Dean
Martha Campbell, Administrative Assistant

Student Affairs  504-941-8124
Darlene Brunet, RDH, MEd, Director
Mindy Guillotte, Coordinator

Student Housing Information, 504-568-6260

Admissions (Dental, Dental Hygiene, Dental Laboratory Technology)
Toby Cheramie, DDS, Assistant Dean of Admissions, Student Services, and Alumni
Mindy Guillotte, Coordinator

Advanced Education  504-941-8113
Sandra Andrieu, PhD, Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Director, Program in Advanced Dental Education
Delores Bradford, Administrative Assistant

Clinical Staff and Patient Services  504-941-8116 / Fax 504-941-8117

Suzanne K. Farrar, RDH, MSHCM, Director 


Oral Health Resources, Community and Hospital Dentistry  504-619-8693

Robert E. Barsley, DDS, JD, Director

Diversity and Minority Affairs  504-941-8261
Stephanie DiMattia, DDS, Director

Alumni Relations, Advancement, and Publications   504-941-8120
Joanne Courville, MPA, Director
Katie Kelley, Program Coordinator

Media Contact  504-568-4806
Leslie Capo, LSUHSC Director of Information

Continuing Dental Education  504-941-8193 / Fax 504-941-8403
Robert M. Leaman, Director
Kenny Guichard, Administrative Coordinator

Registrar's Office  504-568-4829 / Fax 504-568-5545
W. Bryant Faust, Acting Registrar

Financial Aid (Students)  504-568-4820
Kimberly Bruno, Associate Director

Support Services

Audiovisual Support
IT Support Office  504-941-8217

Coordinator of Medical Services
Jeffrey Schluter

Bookstore  504-941-8130
Andrew Sylve, Manager

Campus Federal Credit Union
New Orleans Branch  504-568-8425

Clinic Supplies  504-941-8446
Adrian (Nicole) Gottschalk

Computer/IT Support
Derrick Salvant  504-941-8219
Nick Funk  504-941-8217
Paul Caballero  504-941-8452

Dental Health Resources
John M. Carimi, AS
jcarim@lsuhsc.edu, 800-494-6262 ext. 832

Michael Giorlando, DDS
mgiorl@lsuhsc.edu, 800-494-6262 ext. 831

David McKeon, DDS, director
dmcke1@lsuhsc.edu, 800-494-6262 ext. 830

LSUHSC Computer Services Help Desk
24hr Help Line 504-568-4357
(Password Assistance Only)

Dental Library  504-941-8158
Julie Schiavo, Head Librarian  504-941-8162

Facility Services   504-568-7716

Human Resources
Darlene Roques, 504-568-4834

Campus Technology Sales and Services  504-568-4578

Campus Police
LSUSD  504-941-8100 or 504-941-8027
LSUHSC 504-568-8270

Room Reservations
IT/Computer Support  504-941-8217

Student Nurse
Helen Schoenberger  504-941-8393
Penne Cortez  504-941-8175


Comprehensive Dentistry and Biomaterials  504-941-8257
Alex D. Ehrlich, DDS, MS, Associate Professor and Head
Angela Pepin, Departmental Secretary

Dental Hygiene  504-941-8153
Jane Walsh, RDH, JD, Program Director
Ursula Hopkins, Departmental Secretary

Dental Laboratory Technology  504-941-8085
Leonard W. Aucoin, Jr., CDT, MEd, Program Director
Thao (Kelly) Tran, Departmental Secretary

Diagnostic Sciences  504-941-8449
Kitrina Cordell, DDS, MS, Associate Professor and Head
Amanda Picou, Administrative Assistant

Endodontics  504-941-8395
Van Himel, DDS, Professor and Head
Cynthia Knispel, Departmental Secretary

Oral and Craniofacial Biology  504-941-8320
Paul Fidel, Jr., PhD, Professor and Head
Angelique Smith, MBA, Business Manager, 504-941-8321

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery  504-941-8216
John Neary, DDS, MD, Assistant Professor and Head
Michele Jacobs-Holmes, Coordinator of Academics

Orthodontics  504-941-8245
Paul Armbruster, MS, DDS, Professor and Head
Jerrie Aucoin, Administrative Assistant

Pediatric Dentistry  504-941-8199
Janice Townsend, DDS, MS, Associate Professor and Head
Tessie Williams, Administrative Coordinator

Periodontics  504-941-8278
Gerald Evans, DDS, Professor and Head
Shelly Kattengell, Administrative Coordinator

Prosthodontics  504-941-8283
Karen Bruggers, DDS, MS, Assistant Professor and Head
Katherine Mims, Administrative Assistant

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