Center of Excellence in Oral and Craniofacial Biology

Clinical Research Projects

Department of Oral Surgery


    • Does procalcitonin guidance affect duration of antibiotic therapy and hospital stay in patients with head and neck infections? A randomized controlled open label trial                                                                         
    • Can secondary alveolar bone grafting to cleft palate with allogeneic bone allow for successful bridging of bone across cleft site, closure of oral-nasal fistula and eruption of canine as measured clinically and radiographically?

    •   Comparison of hybrid maxillomandibular fixation system with Erich arch bars

    •   Establishing clinical guidelines for the initial care in maxillofacial infections

    •  The effect of closed reduction and maxillomandibular fixation on nutritional status

    •  Comparison of physical and technical characteristics of commonly used maxillo-mandibular plating systems

    •   Relationship between pre-operative pulse volume recording results for anterior tibial and posterior tibial arteries and post-operative fibula free flap donor site morbidity

    •   Correlation between tumor size, T stage and surgical margin for oral and oropharyngeal SCC

    •  The Management of Orbital Fractures: A Survey of US- Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons Practitioners

    •   CLEFT: Utilizing 3D printed anatomical models as an adjunct for teaching dental students

    •  Does Delayed treatment have an effect in outcomes of mandibular fractures: A comparative analysis         










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