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White fillings for teens’ back teeth

In this study we are comparing two tooth-colored filling materials for teens over a period of 3 years. Both materials are FDA-approved and are used daily in dental practices.

Our team is interested to compare how these fillings are holding up under the same circumstances. Therefore, we are studying two back teeth in the same mouth. Each of them will be filled with one of the two materials. The materials are called ‘glass ionomers’. One material has already been in use for over 16 years and has a history of success. Patients and dentists like it very much. The other one is a newer version of it. We want to find out if there is much improvement in the newer version over the older material. Dr. Suzanne Fournier, our Postgraduate Program Director in Pediatric Dentistry, is the Co-Principal Investigator and is leading the study. She is the only team-member placing the fillings, while the other team members will be evaluating the fillings as they serve for 3 years.

Interested to participate with your teenager? 

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Official title:         Clinical performance of a newly developed glass ionomer restorative                            material for posterior restorations in an adolescent population

Study team:         Drs. Fournier, Peters, Townsend, Olinde, Awada

                           Mrs. Sankey, Ms. Marchand          

Filling materials:  Ketac™ Molar, Ketac™ Universal

Sponsor:               3M Oral Care, Seefeld, Germany


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