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Tooth-colored fillings for back teeth in adult volunteers

In this study we are comparing two tooth-colored filling materials in adults over a period of 2 years. Both materials are FDA-approved and are used daily in dental practices.

Our team is interested to compare how these fillings perform under the same circumstances. Therefore we study two back teeth in the same mouth. Participants will thus need to have two back teeth that need a filling on the side. Each of them will be filled with one of the two materials. The materials are called ‘resin composites’.

One material has been a successful filling material for almost 20 years.

The other one is a similar, but stronger material. An early version of this material has been used for 3 years and has had good results. Patients and dentists were happy with it. This material has now been improved to perform even better.

We want to find out how much improvement the newer version provides over the older material. Dr. Adriana Cordero Wilson, Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Prosthodontics, is the Co-Principal Investigator of the study. She will be leading the study activities, while two other experienced clinicians will be placing the fillings. The fillings will be evaluated by the team members for at least 2 years.

Interested to participate? 

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Official title:    Clinical Investigation of a bulk fill composite in class II restorations in                      adult subjects

Study team:     Drs. Wilson, Peters, Yeadon, Esquivel, Mascarenhas                          

                        Research Coordinator - Kelly Treas

Filling materials:  Filtek™ One, Filtek™ Z250 Universal

Sponsor:          3M Oral Care, 3M Health Care, St. Paul, MN, USA



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