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The Center of Excellence in Oral and Craniofacial Biology provides infrastructure to facilitate research in the following areas:

  • Administrative Support
  • Clinical Research Facility
  • Core Research Facilities

The Center's business manager, Angelique Smith, MBA, is available to assist investigators in creating budgets for grant proposals. The business manager also assists investigators in administering their funds. To contact Angelique Smith email asmit3@lsuhsc.edu or call 504-941-8321.

The Center’s Clinical Research Facilities are currently housed in the LSUSD Jeansonne Clinic Building with active trials being conducted in the dental clinics and surrounding offices. In early 2018, following completion of the Advanced Clinical Care and Research Building, a full service Clinical Research Facility will be open and available for new and ongoing clinical trials.

 The current ongoing clinical trials at LSUSD are supported by two Clinical Study Coordinators: Ms. Kelly Treas, RDH and Ms. Ashley Sankey, MS (Tulane University - LA CaTS Clinical Translational Unit).  Chairside clinical activities are facilitated by certified dental assistant Ms. Karen Marchand, CDA.

The Center Core Facilities are centralized research facilities that house major equipment for research, including microscopy, molecular biology and biomaterials equipment.

The Biomedical Equipment Core Facility is led by Dr. Thomas Lallier (tlalli@lsuhsc.edu)

The Biomaterials Equipment Core Facility is led by Dr. Xiaoming Xu (xxu@lsuhsc.edu)


The Center coordinates all research activities (i.e., seminars, Research Day, Grant-Seeker Sessions and Lunch and Share sessions) For information on any of these events, please contact the Center office at 504-941-8321.

The Dental School representative on the Institutional Review Board(IRB) is Dr. Janice Townsend, Associate Professor and Chair, Dept. of Pediatric Dentistry.                       The Dental School representative on the Institutional Anicam Care and Use Committee(IACUC) is Dr. Mairi Noverr, Professor, Dept. of Prosthodontics

For additional research resources please see:

Faculty Pilot Grant Program

Facutly interested in initiating research projects cn apply for Pilot Grant funding through the Center of Excellence.  Funds up to $10,000 may be awarded following submission, review and several consulting sessions with mentors.

       • Program Overview and Guidelines
       • Proposal Submission Template

  • General Information
       • IBC Forms Video
       • IRB Forms Video
       • IRB Checklist
     Other Resources
       • Research Checklist
       • Statistical Core Guidelines

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