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The Center of Excellence in Oral and Craniofacial Biology
Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE)

Role of Vacuole Expansion in the Oral Pathogen Candida Albicans
JPI: Glen Palmer, Ph.D.
Primary Mentor: Joy Sturtevant, Ph.D.
Secondary Mentors: Paul Fidel,Ph.D.
Jim Cutler, Ph.D.

Mechanisms behind CX3CL1-driven Monocyte Recruitment during Periodontitis

JPI: Becky Worthylake, Ph.D.
Primary Mentor: Andrew Catling, Ph.D.
Secondary Mentor: Paul Fidel, Ph.D.

Novel Hydrogel System for Controlled-Release of Amelogenin

JPI: Yuwei Fan, Ph.D.
Primary Mentor: Xiaoming Xu, Ph.D.
Secondary Mentor: Paul Fidel, Ph.D.
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